Melewar Equities Group

The Melewar Equities Group (“Melewar” or “the Group”) is a diversified industrial and financial services group in Malaysia with assets of around RM 4 billion and an annual turnover in excess of RM 1 billion. Details here

Shareholding Structure

Agrostan Farms Sdn Bhd is incorporated in Malaysia, under company registration number 1091017-D. Read more

Role of Agrostan Farms Sdn Bhd

Agrostan has been set up to play a significant part in achieving the Kazakhstan Government’s goal, of making the country a major exporter of animal products. For 2011, Kazakhstan consumed 415,000 tonnes of beef, of which 20,000 tonnes was imported. Read more

The beef cattle (i.e. non-dairy cattle) industry will in general always operate under the following production stages. Learn more

Agrostan will establish cattle finishing and breeding operations in 30 farms in Zhambyl Province in southern Kazakhstan, typically with 10,000 hectares per farm. Learn more

There are over 250 breeds of beef cattle but less than 20 constitute the majority of cattle used for commercial beef production. Learn more